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La Gorce Country Club

Nestled in Miami Beach, La Gorce Country Club stands as a beacon of luxury and tradition. Established in 1927 and reborn in the 2000s with modern amenities, it represents the pinnacle of South Florida’s elite social spaces. From its championship golf course to the refined dining experiences, it captures the essence of opulence. Within its confines, discover Poggesi’s curated furnishings – bar stools, umbrellas, dining chairs, tables, and more. Situated near the enchanting waters of Biscayne Bay, La Gorce is where timeless elegance and contemporary comfort unite.
Umbrellas used in this project:
Furniture used in this project:
  • Pavia Table
  • Amelia Dining Chair
  • Catalina Bar Stool
  • Catalina Dining Chair
  • Luna Fire Place
  • Porto Club Chair