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Large Market Umbrellas

Create The Perfect Shade For Your Market Patio Area

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Market Umbrella

How to Choose an Outdoor Marketing Umbrella


Whether your sunny area is large or small, we have an umbrella in the perfect size for your needs. If you would like to create an intimate atmosphere with small groupings of small tables or single table settings, our smallest umbrella is ideal, measuring just 10’ by 10’. For vast spaces needing shade, the largest in our range meets most seating size and arrangement requirements with a coverage area of 520 square feet with sides measuring 26 feet each.


Another factor which ties in with your size requirements is the shape you choose. From traditional square and rectangular market umbrellas to octagonal and domed; there is a shape available to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor entertainment area.

Large Market Umbrella


Should versatility be your top priority, a free-standing market patio umbrella is (size-dependent) moveable:

  • Center post umbrellas are the more traditional type featuring a post in the middle. These umbrellas are placed centrally to provide maximum coverage.
  • Cantilever umbrellas (also known as offset patio umbrellas) do not have any support in the middle. Instead, they are suspended with the help of a side pole for support. They are generally placed on the edge of the area needing shade as opposed to in the middle, which makes them a great space-saver.


When space trumps versatility, wall mounted residential umbrellas are the way to go if you have an appropriate structure at your market.

Where can I Use a Market Umbrella

Our umbrellas are easy to customize umbrellas, using our already-existing designs and tweaking their size, color, and shape to suit your needs and preferences.

Whether you need to further your branding commercially (restaurant, cafes, golf courses, hotels, and resorts) or whether you would like to make a statement with your home’s patio, garden, pool, and deck – we literally have you covered!

Why Choose Poggesi USA for Your Commercial and Residential Market Umbrellas

As the leader in the shading industry since 1964, Poggesi USA specializes in the design of umbrellas that are superior in aesthetic value and function, carefully crafted by our talented engineers and artisans in the mountains of Italy. Contact us for additional information on market umbrellas


Poggesi offers durable, commercial-grade wind-resistant umbrellas able to withstand the toughest of outdoor elements to provide reliable shade to your customers.


Customize your Poggesi commercial umbrellas for your business. Whether you have specific brand colors or you want to add your own logo, you can make it yours.

Safe & Reliable

Our commercial-grade and TUV safety certified umbrellas will put your mind at ease when crafting an outdoor space that balances beauty and reliability.

We’ll meet your market umbrella requirements.

Request a call with a Poggesi shade concierge to have all of your questions answered, receive specs, size guidelines, and more to help make your project successful.