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Tablecloths and Napkins

Enhance your dining moments with Poggesi’s stylish Tablecloths and Napkins, featuring the elegant Satin Band and detailed Partridge Eye Band. Our collection also includes classic Satin Band, intricate Partridge Eye, and sleek Plain Satin tablecloths for a touch of luxury in every occasion. Poggesi ensures each meal is a memorable, sophisticated event.
  • Embroidery and Customization Upon Request
Product typeSizeCase PackColorCompositionMaterial
100% PolyesterBistro Napkins
Napkins22x22150/csWhite / Black100% CottonSatin Band
Napkins14x14300/csWhite100% CottonSatin Band
Napkins22x22150/csWhite100% CottonPartridge Eye Band
Napkins22x22150/csWhite100% CottonPlain Satin
Table Cloth54x5425/csWhite100% CottonSatin Band
Table Cloth63x6325/csWhite100% CottonSatin Band
Table Cloth72x7220/csWhite100% CottonSatin Band
Table Cloth81x8115/csWhite100% CottonSatin Band
Table Cloth90x9015/csWhite100% CottonSatin Band
Table Cloth54x5425/csWhite100% CottonPartridge Eye
Table Cloth63x6325/csWhite100% CottonPartridge Eye
Table Cloth72x7220/csWhite100% CottonPartridge Eye
Table Cloth81x8115/csWhite100% CottonPartridge Eye
Table Cloth90x9015/csWhite100% CottonPartridge Eye
Table Cloth54x5425/csWhite100% CottonPlain Satin
Table Cloth63x6325/csWhite100% CottonPlain Satin
Table Cloth72x7220/csWhite100% CottonPlain Satin
Table Cloth81x8115/csWhite100% CottonPlain Satin
Table Cloth90x9015/csWhite100% CottonPlain Satin