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Center Post Umbrellas

Dehor Collection

The Dehor Collection is perfect for large spaces and is designed for efficiency and ease of operation. This model features a safe mechanized opening and closing system with a worm screw and is cable ready for electrical operation and the addition of side walls. The design allows for non-removable furniture below and includes a double crown for telescopic opening. This model is best suited for group seating areas with large tables or multiple smaller tables.

Crafted for Perfection

Crafted by master engineers, artisans and top-of-the-line manufacturers, Poggesi umbrellas are designed with 100% acrylic weather-resistant awning grade canvas, aluminum powder coated structure, and stainless-steel cables and bolts to ensure a lifetime of durability and timeless beauty.

Easy to Use Technology.

With a variety of base and stand options, our patented umbrella technology makes it effortless to open and close your weather-resistant umbrellas with a mere touch and a push, leaving the rest to a complex series of springs.

Brilliant Colors

Make Poggesi your own with a variety of color options from Sunbrella®. The world’s number one outdoor performance fabric, is water-repellent and offers unsurpassed durability, stain, weather and fade resistance. The canvas is lightweight and has a flat, consistent weave, providing up to 98% UV protection. It is easy-care and withstands the elements beautifully.

Safety Standards

Ombrellificio Poggesi certified the quality of its internal production process by obtaining the TÜV trademark, one of the most important European quality organizations, in order to provide its clients with further proof of its great attention to product quality and safety at every level of the production process. The TÜV quality trademark certifies the safety and rule-compliance to provide a safe setup for your residence or business.

Dehor, logos

Features & Options

Aquamarine, aquamarine 4623 Aquamarine
Aruba, aruba 4612 Aruba
Aspen, aspen 4668 Aspen
Azure, azure 4669 Azure
Basil, basil 4688 Basil
Beige, beige 4620 Beige
Black, black 4608 Black
Black Cherry, black cherry 4640 Black Cherry
Burgundy, burgundy 4631 Burgundy
Buttercup, buttercup 4635 Buttercup
Cadet Grey, cadet grey 4630 Cadet Grey
Capri, capri 4675 Capri
Captain Navy, captain navy 4646 Captain Navy
Charcoal Grey, charcoal grey 4644 Charcoal Grey
Charcoal Tweed, tweed charcoal 4607 Charcoal Tweed
Cocoa, cocoa 4676 Cocoa
Concord, concord 4665 Concord
Crest Ash, crest ash 4662 Crest Ash
Crest Birch, crest birch 4660 Crest Birch
Deep Sea, deep sea 4691 Deep Sea
Dubonnet Tweed, tweed dubonnet 4606 Dubonnet Tweed
Ember, ember 4659 Ember
Erin Green, erin green 4600 Erin Green
Fern, fern 4671 Fern
Forest Green, forest green 4637 Forest Green
Ginkgo, ginkgo 4685 Ginkgo
Heather Beige, heather beige 4672 Heather Beige
Hemlock Tweed, tweed hemlock 4605 Hemlock Tweed
Ivy, ivy 4632 Ivy
Jockey Red, jockey red 4603 Jockey Red
Linen, linen 4633 Linen
Linen Tweed, tweed linen 4654 Linen Tweed
Logo Red, logo red 4666 Logo Red
Mahogany, mahogany 4667 Mahogany
Marine Blue, marine blue 4678 Marine Blue
Mediterranean Blue, mediterranean blue 4652 Mediterranean Blue
Mediterranean Blue Tweed, tweed mediterranean blue 4653 Mediterranean Blue Tweed
Mocha Tweed, tweed mocha 4616 Mocha Tweed
Natural, natural 4604 Natural
Navy, navy 4626 Navy
Ocean Blue, ocean blue 4679 Ocean Blue
Orange, orange 4609 Orange
Oyster, oyster 4642 Oyster
Pacific Blue, pacific blue 4601 Pacific Blue
Palm, palm 4692 Palm
Parchment, parchment 4683 Parchment
Persian Green, persian green 4643 Persian Green
Pink, pink 4693 Pink
Royal Blue Tweed, tweed royal blue 4617 Royal Blue Tweed
Rust, rust 4689 Rust
Sapphire Blue, sapphire blue 4641 Sapphire Blue
Sea, sea 4664 Sea
Seagrass Green, seagrass green 4645 Seagrass Green
Silica Barley, silica barley 4858 Silica Barley
Silica Caribbean, silica caribbean 4831 Silica Caribbean
Silica Charcoal, silica charcoal 4897 Silica Charcoal
Silica Dune, silica dune 4859 Silica Dune
Silica Gravel, silica gravel 4833 Silica Gravel
Silica Sage, silica sage 4896 Silica Sage
Silica Sesame, silica sesame 4860 Silica Sesame
Silica Silver, silica silver 4862 Silica Silver
Silica Stone, silica stone 4861 Silica Stone
Silver, silver 4651 Silver
Sky Blue, sky blue 4624 Sky Blue
Slate, slate 4684 Slate
Smoke, smoke 4615 Smoke
Spa, spa 4673 Spa
Storm, storm 4636 Storm
Sunflower, sunflower 4602 Sunflower
Tan, tan 4614 Tan
Taupe, taupe 4648 Taupe
Terracotta, terracotta 4622 Terracotta
Tresco Birch, tresco birch 4696 Tresco Birch
Tresco Brass, tresco brass 4658 Tresco Brass
Tresco Brick, tresco brick 4699 Tresco Brick
Tresco Clay, tresco clay 4698 Tresco Clay
Tresco Linen, tresco linen 4695 Tresco Linen
True Brown, true brown 4621 True Brown
Turquoise, turquoise 4610 Turquoise
Tuscan, tuscan 4677 Tuscan
Walnut Brown Tweed, tweed walnut brown 4618 Walnut Brown Tweed
Wheat, wheat 4674 Wheat
White, white 4634 White

AF9090 Iron base 35”x35"x8”(90x90x20cm), with 4 concrete weights, bolt down 10"x10" (Total 285 kg., 627lbs)


ACOP90 Cover for weights and base 35"x35"x8.25" (90x90x21cm), (8 kg., 17.6 lbs.)


BDBASEDE Iron base for bolt down 10"x10"x0.31" (25x25x0.8cm) (8 kg., 17 lbs.)

IGBASEDE, untitled

IGBASEDE Iron base tube for in-ground insertion (12kg.,26 lbs.)


GSBCPD Galvanized Steel Base with various weight options (multiples of 50kg., 109lbs.) Sizes: 24"x24", 30"x30", 36"36" (61x61cm, 76x76cm, 91x91cm)

Umbrella Frame Center Pole
Shaft Aluminum Ø 3.35” x 0.12” (Ø 85 x 3 mm)
Number Of Ribs 8/12 Ribs (Depending on size)
Rib Measurements Aluminum 1.38” x 0.79” x 0.08” / 1.77” x 0.79” x 0.08” (45 x 20 x 2 mm / 35 x 20 x 2 mm)
Internally Reinforced Yes, on Diagonal Ribs
Side Arms
Nuts, Bolts, Screws Stainless Steel
Aluminum Coating Powder Coating
Opening / Closing Endless Screw
Rib Joints Nylon Triangle with Rivets
Canopy Sunbrella® or Tempotest
Valance Available Upon Request (+5%)
Vent Soft
Telescopic Mechanism Yes
Canopy Tilt
Canopy Height Fixed
Umbrella Rotation 360°
Crank Included
Equipped For Curtains Included
Logos Available Upon Request
Fabric & Velcro Gutters Available Upon Request
Weight Of Structure W/ Fabric Approx. 110 - 117 lbs. (50 - 80 kg)