Awe Inspiring Italian & Mediterranean Patio Designs

If you’re looking for a bit of modern Italian & Mediterranean patio designs inspiration we’ve sourced some beautiful home and garden escapes to inspire your inner creative.

1. Modern Italian Villa Patio

On a promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, one of Italy’s reigning families of design escape to their lush island paradise in this beautiful Mediterranean patio design. Source: Veranda Magazine

2. Luxury Italian Farm House Garden

Escape to the countryside in this beautiful farmhouse located on the border of Tuscany and Umbria, and sits within the 3.16 acre Castello di Reschio estate. With a patio or garden area this inspiring you may never leave home. Source: Desirable Property

3. Fireside Garden Patio

Enjoy a romantic evening with this beautiful Mediterranean inspired fireside patio. Add a touch of lighting and some wine to truly create a magical garden space. Source: Houzz

4. Romantic Garden Escape

With this gorgeous pergola patio setup, just add some vines and a few hanging lights to create a Tuscany/ Mediterranean feel romantic garden escape. Source: Buildapergola

5. Modern Northern Italian Villa Patio

Turn your patio into a modern Italian oasis. This stunning Northern Italian style villa patio was designed by Gordon Stein Design along with Engstrom Construction, located in La Quinta, California. Source: OneKindDesign

6. Cozy Italian Garden Terrace

This cozy Italian terrace makes the perfect morning breakfast spot. Recreate this in your own patio to create a space for you to gather with family and create your own Italian getaway. Source: Adelaparvu

7. Modern Mediterranean Patio with Umbrella

This beautiful modern Italian inspired patio makes the perfect spot to sit and chat with friends while enjoying some cool shade under the hot sun. Source: Poggesi Bay Collection

8. Small Mediterranean Patio with Stone Floors

Turn even the smallest of spaces into a Mediterranean inspired oasis for relaxation. Pictured here, a Mediterranean Patio with exterior stone floors, Trellis, Lutyens bench, and French doors.

9. Mediterranean Fruit Decoupage

This Mediterranean inspired area makes you think of fresh, healthy and delicious food. Here you can enchant your taste buds with the tasty fresh fruit and wine by the mountainside. Source: Homedit

10. Luxurious Shaded Italian Patio

This elegant and modern Italian inspired patio can help inspire you combining traditional and modern Italian design. Adding a nice touch of shade with a Cantilever umbrella can turn any patio into a cool getaway from the hot sun. Source: Poggesi One Cantilever Umbrella

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