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Decor and Design Ideas for Your Home Patio and Pool Area

You can have your home patio looking gorgeous with the use of simple summer patio decorating ideas. The right decor should make you and your loved ones want to spend more time outdoors, all year long. Choosing the correct structure and color to highlight the exterior of your patio is an important step and can have a powerful impact on how your guests perceive your home.

We have compiled a guide with decor and design ideas for your home patio and pool area.

Outdoor Patio and Pool Area Decor and Design Ideas

There are a number of ideas you can use to create a patio or pool area that is both inviting and beautiful. Some of these include:

Brightening up Your Patio

Adding unique light sources such as custom installations, string lights, globe strands or even candles help to create ambiance, as well as safety for your employees and guests to interact out in the open. Making use of lighting in different colors can also add to the entertainment area of your pool for events and parties hosted right in your backyard. Candles, fairy lights or rechargeable moonlight globes help to add a fun and playful design element to your decorations.

Decor and Design Ideas - Brightening Patio Area

Add Some Comfortable Furniture

An ideal patio area should not only be inviting but also offer great style and comfort. It should be furnished with durable and easy to clean furniture. The ideal patio should have furniture that will entice the homeowner and guests to use the area often for socializing and relaxing. You should choose furniture that won’t need to be covered as this can limit the use of the patio and it could even distract from the beauty of crafted patio pieces.

comfortable patio furniture


Use the latest accessories and trends to create a pool spot that even your most fussy teenagers will find cool. Add some throw pillows and linen to spruce up the space. Other accessories such as cushions, rugs, throws, and vases will create interest and beautiful contrast to your surroundings.

Flowery Patios

Nothing says outdoor beauty like bright, beautiful flowers. Add a Virginia vine to create a bit of extra privacy and to add a pop of green. Make sure to add only the plants are easy to take care of, so that you’ll have a well maintained garden throughout the year. Guests will be more likely to visit a well-trimmed and groomed garden, than a patio that is untidy and cluttered. Add planters to create a little color and life to your space.

patio accessories and flower pots

Barbecue Zones

One of the best parts about having a covered patio next to a pool is being able to have the BBQ out all year round. Why not add a sofa in the area? This will enable guests to either stand around or be seated in comfort while enjoying a drink around the BBQ. Be sure to provide for an umbrella-covered area so that, even if it should be raining, the party can go on.

Patio Bar

Adding a bar area is perfect for entertaining guests during lunch or when throwing pool parties. This is a bonus even if you just want a day out to lounge in the sun with a cocktail or two.

BBQ zone at pool area

Shady Areas

Nobody can enjoy a conversation with the sun in their eyes. If you are a fan of plants and trees, then you might want to consider planting a large tree that can provide your patio with ample amounts of shade for years to come. Trees can add a lot of beauty to any area of your yard. And, when you put one close enough to your patio, it will be able to provide the area with a lot of shade, ensuring the comfort of you and your guests.

Decor and Design Ideas for Your Home Patio and Pool Area, shady areas

Mistakes to Avoid when Designing an Outdoor Living Space

Not taking account the weather

A patio is not a patio if it does not shelter you from the harsh elements. Just a simple canopy or an umbrella can make a huge difference and keep your guests happy – and you won’t have to cancel events. You can party and relax outdoors all through the year without having to be concerned that your furniture or accessories may be damaged in the rain.

Using Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting isn’t designed to withstand conditions in an outdoor environment, and as a result, it will stop working and need to be replaced or, more dangerously, it might even give you an electrical shock and cause a fire. Using LED low voltage landscape lighting is the safe choice. Plus, outdoor lighting will save you money and time.

Oversized Plants

Good planting design includes selecting the perfect plant for every space in the landscape. The chosen plant should fit in the space provided when it reaches maturity. When a plant grows too large for the space provided, it should be trimmed or removed. If you choose to use oversized plants on your patio, it will lead to a lot of maintenance that is required to keep it looking good or keep your pool clean from falling leaves.

Decor and Design Ideas for Patio Area

Shade Ideas for Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor areas don’t always have to be all about exposure to the sun. It is nice to relax in a shady spot that is shielded from the harsh rays. There are many ways to introduce shade to an outdoor space. This includes:

A Sail Shade:

A sail shade is one of the easiest DIY sun-blockers that you can make from a triangular-cut piece of fabric with eyelets punched in the corners. To construct this, use strong twine or rope to attach the shade to poles, the side of the house or nearby trees.

Tropical awnings:

A tropical awning creates a vacation right outside your back door. Made from wood, this is an ideal creative and vibrant way to block out the sun. An awning will attach to the side of your house near your patio. Even the ones that don’t come with a tool kit are very easy to assemble and feature simple and easy to understand instructions.


Screens are awnings that provide shade at an ideal price for the budget conscious. Screens can be motorized. Or, you can opt for a screen that you can adjust yourself.

Patio Sail Shade


A pergola keeps your patio shady without completely blocking the sun. The thin wood allows the sun rays to come through slightly, allowing you to feel the warmth of the sun without it being too harsh.


A canopy is ideal if you want throughout shade. Installation is, however, a big job and might be costly.


This is a simple and affordable solution to add a little shade to a smaller area. Curtains cover where it is necessary, and they are attractive.

Pergola and Curtain Shade for Patio


Umbrellas offer the perfect amount of shade for any patio, whether large or small. A normal sized umbrella will suffice; however, a bigger one will keep you covered no matter what direction the sun is facing.

Umbrellas offer proper shade, safety, and protection. Patio umbrellas play an important role when you want to be able to go outside to enjoy basking in nature, whether it is morning, noon or afternoon.

For a proper shaded space, you need an umbrella that’s larger than the table or area that you are sitting at. If there is a lot of wind in your area, speak to the umbrella manufacturer to make sure you choose a design that is flexible and won’t get damaged easily.

Home Patio Umbrella

Poggesi Umbrellas for Shading Your Patio and Pool Area

Freestanding Umbrellas:

This is the best type of patio umbrella to choose for all-around protection in your yard. You can move it to wherever the kids, your guests or you want to sit, making them ideal for larger yards with lots of open space.

Table Umbrellas:

Table umbrellas have more support than free standing umbrellas. They may tend to tilt over easily, so you will need to focus on maintenance and will always have to take time to put the umbrella away when you are done using it.

Free Standing Umbrellas

Center Post Umbrellas:

These umbrellas can meet most seating sizes and arrangement requirements. Being able to make use of these umbrellas will help your patio environment to feel that much more appealing.

Umbrellas for Larger Patios

These umbrellas are excellent when you have a large family and want to make sure that everyone has a good spot in the shade. Setting the umbrella up is simple and you will love the overall look of it as well. The Magnum collection has telescopic lines that are impressive in both size and design. It has a maximum coverage area of up to 520 square feet with sides measuring 26 feet each. This model features a safe mechanized opening and closing system with a worm screw and can be fitted with electric cables and side walls. The design allows for non-removable furniture below and includes a double crown for telescopic opening.

large patio umbrellas poggesi

Umbrellas for Small Patios

These umbrellas can extend to its fullest to provide the most shade possible. You can purchase this style of an umbrella in a variety of different fabrics and colors – so it will be able to fit right in no matter what your sense of style is. The JOK Collection feature umbrellas which are sturdy, resistant, and extremely versatile. The rope and double pulley system make opening and closing a breeze. It is best suited for small groupings of small tables or single table settings.

Traditional Umbrellas

With a pulley and rope opening and closing system, the classic and traditional center pole umbrella is easy to use and easily meets all standard requirements. Its lightweight, robust, and durable qualities make it practical for many uses.

Decor and Design Ideas for Your Home Patio and Pool Area, small patio umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas

cantilever (or offset) umbrella is a better choice for open spaces. The pole is positioned off to the side making the area obstacle free. These are particularly useful for shading benches and chairs that don’t belong to a matching patio table. Cantilevers are perfect for summer and offer both high quality and finishes combined with good value and price. These offset umbrellas are already very convenient with the ability to place them anywhere around your patio set but with the added functionality of tilting, it brings even more to the table. The Summemodel features a soft bellow and 360° rotation. It is best suited for patios, pools, decks, and gardens.

cantilever umbrella

Poggesi USA for Patio Umbrellas and Furniture

Poggesi can help your home or business to leave a lasting impression with outdoor & market umbrellas, which are unlike any other. Our commercial-grade industrial patio umbrellas are crafted in the mountains of Italy by engineers and artisans, combining functionality and design. We at Poggesi have been collaborating for decades with residences and businesses, bringing the perfect shade to homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, and other businesses worldwide.

With Poggesi cantilever umbrellas, it takes only a touch and a push to adjust the umbrella for the perfect angle and setting. You can easily control your umbrella with a handle crank that allows for multiple functions including rotation, tilt, and height adjustment of the canopy. When your outdoor area is the place where you intend to spend quality time, it makes sense to invest in a cantilever umbrella that will enhance its beauty, enduring the elements, and providing shade for many years to come.

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