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Category Archives: Patio Umbrella

Can You Leave Outdoor Umbrellas Outside All Year Round?

In an ideal world, the weather would always be pleasant, without scorching heat or freezing cold. Of course, that isn’t...

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A Guide to the Different Parts of a Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, colors and features and are available in many different shapes to suit...

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How to Protect Residential Umbrellas Through the Winter

When you invest in high quality patio umbrellas, it makes sense to do everything you can to help them last...

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Why Choose a Larger Size Commercial Umbrella?

Simply put, a patio umbrella that is too small won’t provide enough protection from the sun and weather. In areas...

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How to Measure for Your Restaurant Umbrellas

The right patio umbrellas can expand the space for your guests, allowing them to dine comfortably both day and evening...

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What Type of Base is Best for Your Residential Umbrellas

A weighted base is a necessity for any outdoor residential patio umbrella. An umbrella base provides the weight and stability...

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Choosing a Fabric for Your Custom Umbrellas

Custom patio umbrellas provide wonderful color, shade, and shelter, making your outdoor area more usable and more beautiful. However, it’s...

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Market Umbrella

How to Plan an Outdoor Market

An outdoor market creates a unique and lively atmosphere where people can come to shop, meet friends and socialize in...

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Bath Club Umbrellas

5 Questions to Ask Your Supplier Before You Buy Umbrellas for Your Country Club

Your country club provides an atmosphere that the entire family can enjoy, spending fun and quality time together. It’s the...

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Selecting the Right Size Umbrella for a Patio

The enjoyment of your patio can be greatly enhanced with a stylish patio umbrella. However, it’s vital to select the...

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