Choosing a Fabric for Your Custom Umbrellas

Custom patio umbrellas provide wonderful color, shade, and shelter, making your outdoor area more usable and more beautiful. However, it’s vital to choose the right fabric in order for your umbrellas to continue to be both aesthetically pleasing and worry-free as time goes by. Choosing The Right Fabric [...]

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How to Plan an Outdoor Market

An outdoor market creates a unique and lively atmosphere where people can come to shop, meet friends and socialize in a relaxed and leisurely manner. In fact, outdoor markets provide a fun a social outing for many people. However, there are crucial items that vendors should provide at [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Supplier Before You Buy Umbrellas for Your Country Club

Your country club provides an atmosphere that the entire family can enjoy, spending fun and quality time together. It’s the place where shared experiences and wonderful memories are created. Your country club provides wonderful community areas where members can enjoy fun activities and maybe a beautiful, sparkling swimming [...]

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Selecting the Right Size Umbrella for a Patio

The enjoyment of your patio can be greatly enhanced with a stylish patio umbrella. However, it’s vital to select the right size for your space. By selecting the correct size umbrella, you and your guests will no longer need to jockey for the shady spot that will provide [...]

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How to Customize Your Outdoor Umbrellas

There are many reasons why you may want to customize your outdoor umbrellas, whether for residential or business purposes. Patio umbrellas like many items, can benefit greatly from modification to suit your particular aesthetics and functional needs. Custom designed umbrellas also offer unique opportunities for unity of style [...]

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The Benefits of a Cantilever Umbrella

Cantilever umbrellas are designed to serve the same purpose as other patio umbrellas. They provide relaxing shade, protection from harsh UV rays and rain showers, but they do so in a unique way and provide many other benefits. A cantilever umbrella is designed with a stable offset base [...]

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How to Add Character to Your Patio

The basic elements of your patio are very important in the creation of a distinctive design that’s individual in an interesting and unusual way, while providing the function you want. When you consider how characterless an empty area of concrete is, it’s easy to see that the items [...]

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Can Commercial Umbrellas Handle the Wind?

Well-designed commercial umbrellas offer both style and durability by using only the best commercial grade materials, quality craftsmanship, and innovative technology. In fact, usability, quality and safety are the trifecta when choosing commercial patio umbrellas whether they’re for residential use or for any commercial application. As we all [...]

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How to Choose the Perfect Umbrellas for Your Hotel Pool Area

A hotel pool can be the perfect retreat for your guests of all ages to have fun with family and friends or to simply relax and unwind. Yet the recipe for a remarkable guest experience requires all the right ingredients, including great design details, plenty of comfortable seating, [...]

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How to Plan Your New Outdoor Entertainment Space

There are many items to think about when you are planning a new outdoor entertainment area in order to create a space that’s both beautiful and functional. The first consideration is of course the size and shape of the area that you have, whether it is a small [...]

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