18 DIY Poolside Decorating Ideas

When decorating your poolside deck, patio, or yard, you want to bring fun colors, practical storage, and unique, personalized touches to the mix. We hope you’ll enjoy some of the DIY pool projects below. We think these pool area decorating ideas will give your poolside some flair. Careful, though: Your guests may never leave!

1. Patio Umbrellas

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Get ready for bright and neutral colors, quality materials, and smoothly functioning canopies. Decorate your poolside with style and class using patio umbrellas to accent any area.

2. Multipurpose Planters

Source: Pinterest

These poolside planters can add some natural pops of color while they also bear your string lights and other hanging plants. They’re great for bringing some height to your otherwise flat pool area as well.

3. PVC Towel Rack

Source: Above Ground Pool Guru

You can find poolside PVC towel rack tutorials all over the Internet. Big, little, elaborate, or simple: find what suits you and your pool needs. You’ll have this practical accessory ready in a day’s time.

4. Coke Float, Anyone?

Source: Birds Party

Sometimes you’re in the pool, and you just don’t want to get out for that cool, refreshing drink. Create a cute, floating pool bar! Use an inflatable baby pool, hefty ice cubes, and drinks of your choice. The infant pool will support the weight.

5. Flower Power

Source: Smart School House

For this DIY pool decor project, you can find everything you need at the dollar stores in your area. Gather platters, cups, plates, and more to create pool time flowers! Use a hose for stems and marine glue to hold it all in place.

6. Pool Time Pallet Organizer

Source: Juggling Act Mama

So much color! So much purpose! Pallets are all the rage, and the best thing about them is that you can often get them for free. For this organizer, you’ll need to grab some paint and hooks. Attach it to your fence or deck area, and you’re ready!

7. Pull Up a Poolside Chair!

Source: Country Living

Dipping your toes (feet and legs) in the water has never been so relaxing. No hunched-over shoulders or hot cement here. Quickly dip your chair into the water before sitting for a cool seat. Beware, though! You’ll more than likely be pulled in when you’re hanging out this close.

8. Above-Ground Pool Signs

Source: Crafty in Crosby

You’ve heard all the pool sign phrases: “Good times and tan lines!” and “Life is better by the pool.” We like this one, and we love the way it’s perfect for the side of an above-ground pool. However, you could easily hang this sign around your in-ground pool as well.

9. Flip-Flop Signs

Source: Smart School House

Here’s another sign that definitely screams summer! And it’s just so clever, don’t you think? The kids can even help you make it, or you can set out on a solo project. Either way, have fun!

10. Poolside Crate

Source: Michaels

Head out to your local thrift and antique shops. Paint your repurposed crate or container with your favorite color, and add a fun message. You could use a stencil or vinyl for the lettering. This is great for storing towels, small pool toys, and more!

11. Outdoor Shower

Source: Pinterest

You’ve thought about it, and maybe it’s finally time to do it. It’s a cute addition to any poolside, and it’s perfect for showering before and after pool time. A quick rinse keeps your pool (and home) cleaner. Decorate your outdoor shower with hooks, handles, signs, flowers, and fun, summery items.

12. Poolside Theater

Source: The Horticult

Check out The Hoticult for their DIY home theater guide that will be totally mind-blowing when built poolside. You can float in your pool and watch Jaws.

13. Lights Above the Pool

Source: Yard Envy

We often have lights around the pool and inside of it, but what about hanging above it? This creates an awesome night time effect on the water. It’s like you’re swimming in a sea of stars!

14. Easy Floating Lights

Source: Create Craft Love

Another way to brighten up the pool is to create floating lights out of battery-powered tea lights and pool noodles. This is a fun, inexpensive craft project great for all ages. And launching the lights into the pool during sunset is quite spectacular as well.

15. Beverage Container

Source: Iris Nacole

Search the Internet for DIY tips centering on poolside beverage containers and carts. It’s summertime, and it’s hot outside. So, be sure you’re prepared with an adorable drinking addition like this one.

16. Bottle Cap Crab

Source: Just Wine Guide

Speaking of beverages… Save those bottle caps! You can design a crab, mermaid, sunshine, and more atop a piece of rustic wood. These make unique decor, especially for outdoor bars right by the pool.

17. Perfect Poolside Plants

Source: Garden Chic

Plants always look great around the pool, and if you don’t mind the little bit of maintenance, you’ll enjoy the classic flair. Flowers and green spaces add to the natural effect of your pool. You feel like you’re in a tropical lagoon or hidden oasis with these beauties nearby. Some plants even repel mosquitoes and other insects!

18. Terracotta Table-Containers

Source: Buzzfeed

These snazzy little tables are terrific for pops of color as well as storage. Your guests can place their purses over into the pot so that they’re handy but never soaked. They also have their own table for drinks, snacks, phones, and sunglasses. Further, the pots are the perfect size when set next to reclining chairs.

Want help sprucing up your poolside area with outdoor patio umbrellas?

So we’ve handled the DIY-part already. The only thing left to “do yourself” is to contact a Poggesi Specialist to discuss which of our Italian-crafted poolside umbrellas will be best for your particular needs.

If you have any questions about our diy poolside decorating ideas, don’t wait (and bake) another second out in this summer sun and heat. Reach out to us today!


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