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10 Commercial and Outdoor Restaurant Patio Designs That’ll Turn Heads (With Pictures)

outdoor restaurant patio design ideas

If you’re in need of some outdoor restaurant patio design ideas that’ll pull in the guests and make them happy upon arrival, during drinks and/or meals, and even for dessert, then you’ve caught us at the perfect time. Poggesi is here with commercial & restaurant patio design inspiration that’ll make your restaurant or hotel terraces, food truck seating areas, outdoor bars, and marinas the talk of the town!


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Source: Pinterest

Lighting can make or break your commercial outdoor patio. Ample and unique light sources create ambiance, and they even contribute to safety as your employees and guests interact out in the open. Brighten up everyone’s night with custom installations, string and globe strands, or candles.


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Source: Elle Decor

Maybe you’re looking to rent out your rooftop space, or perhaps it’s there for pure relaxation after your customers’ long work weeks. Host elegant happy hours or invite your VIPs up to your portion of sky. Plenty of cushions and pillows encourage lounging, comfort, and good times.


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Source: Food and Wine

Use plants for dividers, pops of color, and gorgeous wall decor. Hanging baskets, container gardens, and climbing vines are natural beauties that show off your green thumbs and really highlight the outdoors element. If you don’t mind the maintenance, this is a solid choice for green design.


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Source: Architectural Digest

Exposed brick can be an awesome feature on a commercial patio, but what if guests are surrounded by and staring at a cement wall or an old wooden fence? Have you considered a mural? More than likely, you have some amazing and maybe even undiscovered artistic talent in your neighborhood. Commission a wall of art, and be amazed.


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If you have an outdoor waiting area at your restaurant, make it cozy and inviting. If the crowds are pouring in on certain evenings, making your guests feel at home quickly is ideal. Set up an outdoor bar. Serve appetizers. People won’t even realize they’re waiting. They’ll arrive early just for the warm, inviting experience.


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Source: Dering Hall

Think about letting all that sunset magic into your bar, or all that cool, glorious morning light into the front room of your restaurant at brunch. If you offer a dining experience in a hotel, museum, or theatre, perhaps some nighttime enchantment is just what you’re missing. During intermission or simply as the evening comes on, open the french doors or windows up to the crickets and trickling patio cascades or fountain.


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Source: House and Home

Look for some commercial patio furniture that will be unique to your space. Shop around for pieces that no one will be able to find if they looked the city over far and wide. Don’t be afraid of color or unconventional tables, chairs, booths, and stools. Customers love a new experience. They love something different!


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Source: Houzz

Sometimes guests are ready to leave their table, but they’re not ready to leave your place of business. Especially if you’re offering those breathtaking views that they’re simply not getting at their condos, homes, or office windows. Invite them to enjoy the veranda and outdoor bar, complete with plenty of comfy seating and romantic lighting.


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Source: The Culture Trip

Speaking of those breathtaking views that no one wants to leave… If you’ve got the opportunity to seat guests on a patio with a gorgeous view of the ocean, city lights, or wine country, then do it. You will never regret this move. Nothing pulls people out of the comforts of their own homes like a magnificent view, whether it’s a natural or manmade one. And tourists will certainly have you listed on their top hotels, restaurants, vineyards, bars, and clubs lists!

10. MAJESTIC CANOPIES WITH POGGESI10 Commercial and Outdoor Restaurant Patio Designs That’ll Turn Heads (With Pictures), waldorf

Finally, the crowning jewel for your commercial patio design? Fine, Italian-crafted Poggesi umbrellas! Spread the colorful or neutral tones of Poggessi canopies above the conversations and laughter of your guests. They’ll be sheltered from sun and passing showers, and they’ll feel a sense of privacy and coziness as soon as they’re seated.

Contact a Poggesi Shade Expert today for more information about how you can incorporate our unique designs into your commercial patio. Your corner, rooftop, streetside, waterfront, or open-air venue is certainly a candidate, and we look forward to assisting you.